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In light of the news of the groups change in management, it’s occurred to me how neglectful I’ve been of my own account. I’ve been busy with school and getting things ready for college while still trying to have time to myself, so I’m sorry to say that I won’t be re-auditioning for my character. It really isn’t fair for me to close off the character to other potential Persephone rpers. From now on I’ll just go indie. I was already on hiatus and that isn’t likely to change any time soon, but if you still want to keep up our thread just let me know! If not I totally understand, because I’ve been slacking hardcore on threads. Anyways, it’s been nice knowing you all!

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There’s no real good way to opening this up, but this is to announce that John, Pocahontas, and Howl will be leaving Characters & Fables as moderators.

PLEASE know that this was a completely personal decision and is of no reflection of how we feel about Characters & Fables or the members personally. The fact of the matter is that you have three mods who are entering very hectic times in their lives, and roleplay has simply taken the back burner.

Pocahontas is entering college once the year is out, and her own personal hobbies and interests which take time, and John recovering from some health problems as well as entering a college program that will take the place of their senior year before, along with Howl, will be off to university as well.  Our leaving was eventually inevitable, as all three of us knew. But its just happening sooner rather than later.

And rather than drag out our time here, doing a poor job and not being as involved as we once were, (or worse - dropping the group completely) we’ve decided to pick two new moderators to take over in our place

The new moderators will have complete power over the group to do with it as they please. Write new rules, get rid or keep the audition method, make the group entirely their own. The new moderators must be two people who, during their time here, have proven to us as mods that they are responsible, mature people who will give the group the attention it needs. Even though we’re leaving as mods, we’ve put an endless amount of effort and care in to the group and would hate to see it in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. 

If you are interested in becoming one of the two new moderators for Characters & Fables, please fill out the below application and submit it to the group. You must be a member of Characters & Fables to submit an application!

If your school / work / life in general is notorious for being very demanding and you know that RP is just a very casual hobby, please THINK before you submit an application! You know yourself better than anyone else does, so if you know that the time you would be able to commit is very limited, it might be better if you remain a member, or go independent. 

In the event that we receive no applications, or if we don’t want to pass the group over to the apps we do receive, we will dissolve the group and the remaining members will be free to create a group of their own design, or none at all. 

Again, please know in your heart that this was by no means an easy decision to make - but we truly believe that this is the best decision for the group and for the members. We believe that in our current positions, and knowing where we are going in our personal lives, that it would not have been responsible of us to stay as mods when we couldn’t give it our all. And us leaving doesn’t negate the fact that we had wonderful times and we met so many great people! We’ll say it again and again that all of you were absolute dreams to work with, and we hope that we can all stay in touch even though things are changing around here. This was a very very happy time for us but its just time for us to move on to other things, and it does not mean that we don’t love each and every one of you any less. 

Thank you all very much for your kindness and your patience, and of course, for your wonderful ability to tell stories and to bring them to life, which is what brought us together in the first place - but it was companionship that made us stick. Please keep these qualities during this strange change, and please continue to express your patience and understanding. This wasn’t an easy decision to make but we trust all of you to remain mature about things, and that two of you are going to make wonderful mods. Thank you again, it was a fantastic run!

- John, Pocahontas, and Howl

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Hades was king of the kingdom of dirt
Miners of mines
Diggers of graves
They bow down to Hades who gave them work

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antonia thomas as persephone

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steady-astheriver replied to your post: I GOT ACCEPTED TO MY TOP CHOICE SCHOOL HOLY SHIT…


School of Visual Arts! I’M SO EXCITED!!))

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mythology series  the bride of death persephone [Περσεφόνη]

i was a heavy heart to carry
my beloved was weighed down

my arms around his neck
my fingers laced to crown

i was a heavy heart to carry
my feet dragged across ground

and he took me to the river

where he slowly let me drown

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Hades and Persephone by ~Puistopulu

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((Taking a hiatus for awhile guys. I’ve got to apply to college and change/fix my portfolio. I’ll probably reply to threads here and there, but nothing drastic. Sorry peeps, school comes first!))

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